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Bookings are only confirmed once a 50% deposit has been received and the signed terms and conditions emailed back to NitroShoot Media.

Deposits shall be forfeited for any cancelled or postponed shoots. Should the confirmed date be cancelled within 48 hours of the confirmed date, the client is liable for the full cost of the accepted invoice.

The drone may not fly at all in snow, rain or temperatures exceeding 45 Degrees Celsius or minus (-) 15 Degrees Celsius. Please keep in mind that weather conditions on the ground are different to weather conditions 40 - 150m above the ground. Factors such as changes in temperature, gusts as well as air pockets are genuine risks and variables the pilot in command shall take into consideration when preparing for flight.


Important: Filming conditions for the drone need to be deemed suitable by the Pilot in Command.  

Wind considerations: The amount of wind the drone can fly in is dependent on several factors, their combination and the impact these factors will have on operational safety. As a general rule of thumb, the drone cannot fly in more than 30 - 40 km/ h winds even if risks are mitigated.

Due to propriety technology, knowledge and operation procedures, NitroShoot Media has a very strict “no behind the scenes” photos and video policy. No mobile phone photos or videos will be allowed to be taken by any person on set.  No footage of the drone whilst in flight or on the ground may be used without the prior consent of NitroShoot Media. 

 It is duly recorded that for any reason should the drone be deemed not fit for flight by the Pilot in Command or the company, NitroShoot Media reserves its right to suspend all air services until such a time that the drone is deemed airworthy and or, if available, an additional drone can be used. 

Acknowledgement: It is duly recorded that by payment of a deposit and confirmation of a booking, the contracting company has read and understood the above terms of service.

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